Discover the Next Beach Food Craze - Sushi and Sashimi Unleashed!

Discover the Next Beach Food Craze – Sushi and Sashimi Unleashed!

The great Australian tradition of fish and chips and a visit to the beach is jeopardized by Antonio Muollo, who has decided to take advantage of what he sees as a cultural change.

Instead of relying on his father to keep the ice topped up at their father’s fish market stall in Sydney, the 24-year-old, who was at the age of nine, is gambling on his new venture into the restaurant business world. He’s got eight metres of premium raw Japanese-style sashimi on display at GetSashii. According to the owner, it’s Sydney’s first dedicated sashimi bar.

Walk the length of Campbell Parade and you’ll find plenty of evidence that Muollo is working on more than just a hunch. Fishbowl is a neighbor, and there’s no shortage of sushi spots on the strip. Fish and chip shops in Australia experienced a 1.2 percent annual decline between 2017 and 2022, according to an industry study from Ibis World.

“Rising health consciousness in Australia has also deterred some consumers from eating traditional fish and chips because of its high fat content and deep-fried preparation.” The report states.

Despite the fact that fish-and-chips are still popular, Muollo will provide 20 sashimi options as well as abalone, toothfish and abalone. Fish and chips will still be available, as will upmarket eateries like Muollo. However, this is fresh catch that has just been offloaded from the boat.

There seems to be nothing wrong with serving decent seafood in raw sashimi form. However, Muollo believes that it need not be prohibitively expensive. You’ll get 100 grams of Tasmanian salmon or flathead for $9. If you order tuna, it will cost $12.

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Sydneysiders don’t always live on sashimi alone, so the new Bondi restaurant will include an 18-seat sushi train. Muollo adds, we’ll be doing poke bowls as well.

The entrepreneurial Muollo began GetFish in 2018, noticing a gap in the Sydney market for home-delivered seafood. The firm grew quickly, with a wholesale branch, and even the ownership of a fleet of local delivery Utes. Muollo stated that the company’s net income increased to $19.4 million in the reporting year 2020-2021. If the GetSashi spin-off works, expect to see more of it in the future.

Customers can pick raw seafood and watch skilled sashimi chefs cut and slice each piece of seafood to order at the eight-metre, 20-seat counter at GetSashimi. Takeout sashimi will also be available.

The display will begin on Thursday at 5 p.m. with a tastings (until 6 p.m.) from Japanese tuna expert Narito Ishii, who will dissect an 80-kilogram tuna fresh from the Port Fish Market.

Where is it?

The store is open daily from 11am to 9pm.
180-182 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach,

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