Sculpture by the Sea celebrates 25 years on Bondi Beach.

Sculpture by the Sea celebrates 25 years on Bondi Beach.

hey will also be encouraged to bring in some older clothes (Clean and in good order) to be pegged on Barker’s clothesline for the next visitor to take. The Online Clothes Swappiece, whose name is Online Clothes Swap, will most likely be located in Marks Park in the cliff path. The title is a play on the premise that while so much of our belongings have moved to the digital realm, this interactive installation takes us back to tried and true analogue methods. Hills donated a new Hoist from its “Heritage” range to artist Hill Barker. “It’s a 7-stringer with 50 meters of line length,” Barker says. One of Sea’s most popular sculptures was inspired by another component of Australian vernacular life. The Glue Society, a Sydney-based organization, created the Hot with a Chance of a Late Storm ice-cream van in 200

The Glue Society, Hot With A Chance Of A Late Storm (2006) Photo: The Glue Society, Hot With A Chance Of A Late Storm (2006) is a documentary film directed by Maxime Bruni and narrated by Tasia Begum. In 2006, the film was released.

The majority of the man’s body appears to have been blasted away, giving the work a Surrealist appearance. Benoit was from Catalano’s Les Voyageurs series, which has been exhibited in various European locations.

The following text was written by Bruno Catalano and Benoit (2022):

Peter Cavanagh’s work was another crowd favorite, which was a two-tonne monument that turned the vistas of Bondi upside down. Lucy Humphrey’s Horizon, a 1.5-metre-deep hollow sphere made from polished acrylic and containing over 2,000 litres of drinking water. The ocean appeared at the top of the sphere while the sky was at the bottom when looked through.

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The following text is an excerpt from Lucy Humphrey’s Horizon (2013). Clyde Yee is a Singaporean who hopes to become a professional video game player. #

The biennial Sculpture by the Sea event was held in Cottesloe, Western Australia, six years after Bondi. Between 2009 and 2015, a biannual edition of Sculpture by the Sea was held in Aarhus, Denmark. We’re contacted two to three months later to do Sculpture by the Sea somewhere around the world,” Handley says. “Almost always these shows don’t proceed owing to the costs and practicality.”Four artists have shown in Sculpture by the Sea 20 times. Lucy Barker has made it through the show ten times. So far, Julia Handley knows that the event has only ever produced one princess.


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