Possibility of seeing LEGO Fortnite Llamas appear at Bondi Beach.

Possibility of seeing LEGO Fortnite Llamas appear at Bondi Beach.

Epic Games has no issues marketing or promoting Fortnite across various mediums. From gadgets to comic books and even Las Vegas, everything is fair game. This is a common occurrence whenever something new is being introduced. In fact, one of the official profiles took to social media and shared something rather odd, puzzling many.

The account posted a picture of Bondi Beach with a silhouette of a larger-than-life Llama obscuring it. As of now, there’s no way to tell what’s going to happen, but Epic Games may be planning to take over Bondi Beach or at least a portion of it for a new marketing event.

“Fortnite ANZ, what are you cooking?”: Fans react to official post

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Epic Games likes to be unexpected with event announcements. Whether it’s items being given to content creators or sent to them unannounced by fans, they have always done something. Several locals look forward to the community events, which frequently only last a few hours.

Here are some reactions to @FortniteANZ’s post:

Based on the comments, fans were clueless as to what Epic Games has planned for Bondi Beach. With Chapter 5 already initiated, the timetable for promotions has come to a close. Chapter 5 of Season 1 has nothing to with what is happening at Bondi Beach.

Instead of promoting the event, it should be linked to the forthcoming LEGO Fortnite mode. A trailer will be released at 10 am Eastern Standard Time on all social media platforms. It will give the neighbourhood an in-depth analysis of the mode of action.

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Watch the trailer for LEGO Fortnite here.

Seeing that Lego Fortnite is going to be all the hype for the next several days, it is obviously obvious that Epic Games is preparing something related to the launch. While the surprise has yet to be revealed, a fan took the liberty of going to Bondi Beach to try and see what might be early. Their search for a new adventure paid off. They arrived in Galicia, Spain, on January 14, 2021.

LEGO Fortnite Llamas have been spotted at Bondi Beach

Soon after the post went viral on social media, a concerned citizen made their way to the location. Surprisingly enough, they managed to get a glimpse of the work that Epic Games had been doing.

As seen in the picture, a kiosk or stall of sorts has been put up at Bondi Beach, and a LEGO Llama is standing next to it. This confirms that whatever Epic Games is planning is indeed related to the forthcoming Lego mode.

With the official launch date set for December 7, gamers will have to wait for more images to surface online or an official statement from the social media accounts.

Residents of Bondi Beach and Sydney commuters might go to the location and see the activity firsthand.

On December 7, connect your account with Epic Games and sign up using LEGO Insider to receive the skin of Emile for free.

Source: https://www.sportskeeda.com/fortnite/lego-fortnite-llamas-appear-bondi-beach

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